Is The New Guinness Clear TV Adverts And Media Causing More Unnecessary Pressure For Alcohol Addicts Or Is It A Great Idea For Public Awareness? You Decide!…

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed the adverts on TV for Guinness clear. During the advert, they sell the idea of Guinness clear as a new alcoholic product, however, if you watch it until the end, you soon realise that Guinness clear is actually promoting a harm reduction drinking message.

Good?… Bad?… You Decide!…

In our local area and across the UK, this has become a real talking point within abstinence based programs, forums, blogs and others.

As mentioned previously, they “sell” their message of harm reduction as if Guinness clear is a new alcoholic product. They also show this advert on TV earlier then other drinking/gambling based adverts.

This is where you decide if it’s good, bad or indifferent. Is this style of advert a good idea or is it just causing more temptation for our friends and family members who are addicted to alcohol?

You can find out more on the Guinness clear official website here.

You can view the advert for yourself here:

Want To Know What We Think?

We think this advert is a great way to get the message out to remind people of the basic tips and and harm reduction techniques to reduce the harm done to those who drink as well as promoting the message to get help with your drinking if it’s getting out of hand.

In these modern times, it’s such a shame that all of the various types of media (TV, newspapers, radio, posters, billboards ect) aren’t utilised as well as they could/should be in order to get the public awareness message about addiction, harm reduction and the general facts, scientific evidence to rid the myths, lies and misinformation that is still commonly found floating around within the the vast majority of the UK.

If these other forms of media were better utilised, we could get many more people into treatment which would not only benefit them, their close friends and family, but also their community and on a wider scale, providing productivity and benefit the country economically through work, the reduction of state benefits and added pressure on the NHS, mental health services and primary/social care services.

Do You Agree With Us Or Totally Disagree? Let Us Know!…

Want Help For Your Drinking?

If you want help and support for your drinking, you can find contact information for a wide variety of charities, groups and organisations who can help you on our help and support page here.

Not sure if your drinking is a problem? Find out using our CAGE screening tool here.

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