About Us

Hey!… Thanks for checking out our blog & webpage. We really hope you enjoy our content and most importantly find it helpful! This webpage and blog is designed to give you the most up-to-date news, information, help and support for those who are in active addiction currently, those who are in recovery and stable on substitution programs such as Methadone, subutex ect and those that are totally clean and abstinent. If you would like us to feature something in particular then please just send us a message and we will see what we can do.

Who are we?

Those who run our social media sites and blog have been addicted to a variety of substances including legal over-the-counter (OCT) medication, prescription medication, illegal substances and alcohol in the past so our team have REAL life experience, understanding and respect the needs of addicts, family, friends and professionals and understand the sometimes overwhelming, crippling world of addiction, how much of a devastating disease addiction can be but also have found recovery and abstinence from addiction and are now living incredible, enjoyable and free from addiction.

Our Aims & Goals

Drink ‘n’ Drugs works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention and advocacy.

Here are our aims and goals:

  1. To provide help to those addicts as well as the friends and family of those still suffering in active addiction.
  2. To signpost addicts, family and friends to the appropriate organisations, charities and resources for help and support that will help addicts get into recovery.
  3. To signpost the friends and family of addicts to the appropriate organisations, charities and resources for help and support that will not only benefit the addict but also those caring/living with addicts.
  4. To provide media (articles and related resources) that will help addicts get into recovery as well as provide resources that will benefit those caring for/living with those addicts.
  5. To help those addicts and their family and friends of those already in recovery to maintain their abstinence/sobriety to live productive, enjoyable lives.
  6. To respect addicts, friends and family in the following ways but not limited to their race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, location or how much or little you have.
  7. We will actively campaign for change in the addicts community as well as nationally and internationally and promote positive action on behalf of addicts and their family and friends.
  8. We will respect people privacy and right to remain anonymous if they wish to.
  9. We will work with and alongside other organisations, charities and government to achieve mutually beneficial goals for addicts and their family and friends.
  10. We will actively promote harm minimisation to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses, needlestick injuries and the access to new, clean, single use injecting/using equipment as well as the safe disposal of that equipment.
  11. We will actively promote the awareness of addiction by providing public education and community engagement.
  12. We actively promote a comprehensive model of care that includes pharmacological substitution options such as MAT and care based on the latest, up to date scientific and psychological evidence to provide addicts, family and friends with the best care and support possible.
  13. We respect addicts and their family and friends right to use any of the numerous recovery models available but not limited to 12 step, religious, individual (1-2-1) therapies, group therapy, CBT, matrix model, long and short term residential rehabilitation, outpatient and criminal justice programs.
  14. Provide information and support to access supplementary help and support such as but not limited to mental health treatment and support, counselling, grief therapy, financial assistance, criminal justice help and help with accommodation.

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