Say No And Go Campaign (SNAG)

What Is The “Say No & Go” Campaign?

The “Say No & Go” campaign is designed to help those addicts dependant on substances who are yet to seek help/treatment for their addiction(s). It is designed to provide a point at which the individual can actively decide that making a positive change in their life & breaking free from their addiction(s) is the only way forward to be able to live a happy, prosperous and productive life free from the shackles that is drug & alcohol addiction.

Say No

The “Say No” element is designed to provide a point of reference at which addicts could say to themselves or others that they no longer want to be bound to drugs and/or alcohol or continue using/drinking before the devastating spiral of addiction drags them further down into evermore dangerous, risky behaviours as well as the pain and torture that addiction causes on others around the addict. The “Say No” element provides the foundation for the second part, seeking help, support and treatment as a top priority, as they have hit rock bottom and want to get out of this way of life.

And Go

The second element “And Go” is designed to follow up on their first commitment to themselves or others that their lifestyle and addiction has become unmanageable and that seeking help, support and treatment must be sought and initiated straight away. The sooner the addict contacts their GP or nearest drug and alcohol service, the sooner positive treatments and alternatives can be offered and used to regain their life, free of the bonds, pain and destruction that accompanies active addiction.

I Would Like To help, How Can I Get Involved?

We always want to work with others to expand the reach of awareness and to help to addicts who are yet to be helped or enter treatment. Please email us: with “Say No And Go Campaign” in the subject box. Thanks!…

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