Finding Your Own Unique Key To Recovery

We need to find our own unique keys to unlock and escape from our mental and physical prison, that is addiction.
Free yourself from being physically, mentally and emotionally bound to a chemical substance.

Doubts In Your Recovery

Those around us can have a bearing on our recovery, our way of thinking and our ultimately, on our actions & behaviour.

Those who think negatively about our recovery can often cause us to doubt our own abilities to succeed in recovery. You may think that way but ANYONE CAN SUCCEED IN RECOVERY!

Morning All

Good morning all, We hope that you are ready for another day? Here is something to think about. We will be releasing our next article shortly today as promised.

Expand Your World In Addiction And Recovery

Addiction is a lonely disease. Loneliness and isolation can give rise to addiction. Break the cycle of addiction and loneliness through fellowship, friendship and embrace the need for human connection. Find out all you need to know in this article!

Helping With International Overdose Awareness Day 2020

We are working with homeless and rough sleeping charities and organisations across Bournemouth & Poole on the 31st August to firstly, provide urgently needed support and assistance and secondly but just as importantly, raise awareness about overdosing on illicit drugs, prescription drugs and/or alcohol.

The Revolutionary Question To Ask Those With Substance Abuse Issues And Addictions

Scientists and experts have changed the game-plan of addiction and recovery by looking at it from a different perspective by asking a new, revolutionary question. To find out what it is and see if it will change the way you think, continue to read this article, you may be surprised what it is!?…

Change How You React To Your Situation

It’s not the situation that matters, it’s how you react, deal with & overcome the situation that truly matters in recovery from drugs and alcohol!

If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now!

In recovery, we get a second chance to rebuild our lives and become whatever we want to be and do whatever we want to do. We can’t go back and change the past, but we can change our future!
To keep us focused on what we have got and not on the things we’ve lost due to our addiction, try using a gratitude list! Find a link to our gratitude list article inside as well as some other tricks and tips you can try and include in your recovery!

It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It!

Remember, the intention behind what we say and do is just as important as the words or actions we carry out. Try practicing this vital skill within your recovery when speaking with others.

The Science Behind Addiction And MAT Programs

Have you ever wondered how and why people become drug addicts or alcoholics? Is it due to natural causes out of the individuals control or is it because of making wrong choices? What are some of the options to treat addiction? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this article looking at the science behind addiction.