The Role Abuse, PTSD & Adverse Childhood Experiences Play In Addiction

Abuse comes in many shapes and forms, some obvious and others are extremely subtle in the way that the abuse takes place. Abuse can occur at any age, by anyone, toward anyone, so please don’t think that just because you’re an adult now, that abuse cannot happen. This is why being aware of the various forms of abuse is so important.

In this article, we will look at the role abuse plays in childhood, adults and the elderly. We cover domestic violence and we will also look at adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), their roles and how they cause knock on effects throughout their lives.

Nature Vs Nurture: Is Addiction Learnt Or Inherited?

Is your addiction because of nature or nurture? Are you born an addict or is it because of the way you were raised? Find out here in our article on nature vs nurture!

Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Our Armed Forces – Our Currently Serving (Part 1)

This is the first part of 2 articles relating to substance abuse and addiction within the military, starting with current serving personnel. Part 2 will focus on the veterans who have since left the military but still have many of the same issues as currently serving personnel. While the use of drugs and alcohol amongContinue reading “Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Our Armed Forces – Our Currently Serving (Part 1)”